Islamic Studies
Subject Code: MPW2143
Aim of Subject: This Islamic Studies course is designed in order to produce a good citizen especially Muslim who is graduated with a good understanding towards the teaching of Islam, so that a comprehensive and balanced prosperity in life can be achieved as well as the endurance of facing challenges in daily life
Learning Outcome of Subject: At the completion of the subject, students should be able to:
  • Explain about the world view of Islam in details and accurate
  • Describe Islam as a great civilization and culture which lead to the development of ummah
  • Elaborate the credibility of Islam in solving all challenges that Malaysians face nowadays
Programme Outcomes:
  • Dedicated, committed, professional and ethical in carrying out duties and responsibilities(20%)
  • Aware of the importance of maintaining and sustaining religious, social, cultural, economic and environmental stabilities(50%)
  • Good team work, both as a leader and as a team member(10%)
  • Highly motivated and capable of continuous self-improvement and self-development(20%)
Assessment Scheme:
  • Test(15%)
  • Midterm Exam(15%)
  • Assignment & Presentation(20%)
  • Final Exam(50%)
Teaching and Learning Activities: 42 hours (lectures)
Credit Hours: 3
Pre-Requisite: None
  • ISLAM : The Practical Religion, Prof. Dr. Ala’eddin Kharofa, Kuala Lumpur, A.S Noordeen, 1992.(TEXTBOOK)
  • Global View of Islam, Mujahid Yusuf, Unitele, Unitele, 1996.
  • Religion and Civilization. India, Academy of Islamic Research and Publication, 1975.
  • Introduction to Islam, Muhammad Hamidullah, London, MHW London Publisher, 1979.
  • Islam and The Contemporary World, Choudry, G.W.. USA, Kazi Publications Inc, 1991
  • Islamic Pespectives, Sayyid Abul A’la Mawdudi.. United Kingdom, The Islamic Foundation, 1979.
  • The Concept of Vicegerency, Prof. Mohammed Haji Yacob, Johor Bahru, Badan Book Store Sdn Bhd, 1993.
  • Khasais al-Ammah lil Islam, Dr. Yusof Qardhawi, Beirut, Muassasah Risalah, 1985.
  • Tamadun Islam, Abul Hasan Ali Nadwi, Mahayudin Hj Yahaya, Siri Sejarah Fajar Bakti, 1998.
  • Pandangan Islam Tentang Keseniaan. Sidi Gazalba, Kuala Lumpur, Pustaka Antara, 1977.
  • Manusia dan Islam, Prof. Harun Din, Kuala Lumpur, Percetakan Watan Sdn Bhd, 1988.
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  • The problem of ideas in the Muslim world, Bennabi, Malik, Petaling Jaya : Budaya Ilmu Sdn. Bhd, 1994.
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  • Islam : God's message to human, Almisry, Abd Assamiey, Saudi Arabia : Wahba book shop, 1990

Subject Contents

  • Islam & Its Fundamentals

    • Islam as a way of Life: The Meaning of Islam, Iman & Ihsan , The Vital Teachings of Islam, al-Maqosid al-Syariah, The World , view of Islam : Its Special Characteristics, Cosmology from Islamic Perspective, Jihad in Islam.

  • Islam as the Civilization & Culture

    • The Concept of Culture and Civilization: The concept of Civilization, Comparison between Western Civilization and Islamic Civilization, The uniqueness of the Islamic Civilization, Factors of the Excellent Achievement of the Islamic Civilization, Contribution of Islamic Civilization in various fields.

    • Art and the Cultural Manifestation: Philosophy, Concept and the principles of the Art and Cultures, Art and the Cultural Manifestation.

  • Islamic Institutions

    • Parenting and Society:The Development of the parental institution, The Development of Society, Islam and the Multi-racial society, The concept of the Middle ummah.

    • Education: Philosophy and Concept of Education, The development of the Islamic Educational System in Malaysia.

    • Politics and Legislation: Concepts and Principles of politics and legislation, The leadership and the political system during the period of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w, The Institutions of Political System and the Legislation, Syura and Hisbah.

    • Legislation and Judiciary system: Concepts, Principles and the Philosophy of Islamic Legislation, The sources of Islamic Legislation, The Islamic Penal Code, The Judiciary System, Schools of Islamic Thoughts.

    • Economy and Finance: The Principles and the Philosophy of the Economic and Financial system, The Fundamentals of the Economic and Financial System, Institutions of Finance, The Products of the Islamic Financial and Economic System.

  • Islam and the current challenges

    • Social Problems, The Development and Urbanization, Science, Technology and ICT, Globalization, Misunderstandings Towards Islam, The Unity of Ummah, The Inter Cultural Dialogue.