Subject Code: EPT4016
Aim of Subject:
  • To expose students to the techniques and skills involved project planning, design, implementation and management.
  • To enable students to acquire hands-on experience in fields related to their major of study so that they are able to relate and reinforce what has been taught in the class.
Learning Outcome of Subject: At the completion of the subject, students should be able to:
  • enhance problem solving skills.
  • expand capability in working independently.
  • conduct project planning, design, implementation and management.
  • identify system implementation constraints and work within constraints.
  • prepare and write a scientific/technical report to disseminate results and findings of the project
Programme Outcomes:
  • Capability to communicate effectively(10%)
  • Acquisition of technical competence in specialised areas of engineering discipline(15%)
  • Ability to identify, formulate and model problems and find engineering solutions based on a systems approach(15%)
  • Ability to conduct investigation and research on engineering problems in a chosen field of study(20%)
  • Understanding of the importance of sustainability and cost-effectiveness in design and development of engineering solutions(15%)
  • Understanding and commitment to professional and ethical responsibilities(5%)
  • Ability to work effectively as an individual, and as a member/leader in a team(10%)
  • Ability to be a multi-skilled engineer with good technical knowledge, management, leadership and entrepreneurship skills(5%)
  • Awareness of the social, cultural, global and environmental responsibilities as an engineer(5%)
Assessment Scheme: Trimester 1
  • Presentation - (Supervisor, Moderator)(15%)
  • General effort - (Supervisor)(10%)
Trimester 3
  • Presentation - (Supervisor, Moderator)(15%)
  • General effort - (Supervisor)(10%)
  • Final report - (Supervisor, Moderator)(50%)
Pre-Requisite: 84 credit hours of core subjects (excluding arts and humanities subjects)
Credit Hours:
  • Trimester 1: 5 credit hours
  • Trimester 3: 5 credit hours
References: Reference materials relevant to the individual project to be provided by the project supervisor.

Subject Contents

Each student shall be required to undertake a project which is of academic value for a period of 2 trimesters (Trimester 1 and Trimester 3). The project involves problem solving using engineering theories and techniques, and the implementation of the project design. The student is expected to design a possible solution to the problem, taking into account various aspects such as professionalism, economy, costing and engineering viability.

At the end of the first trimester, the student is to present his/her progress at a seminar. At the end of the project, it is expected that the student submits a proper written report and to present his/her work at a seminar.

The Grade will be calculated in the CGPA of the 3rd Trimester of Epsilon Year.


Access to the lab facilities shall be provided according to the needs and suitability of the projects.