Financial Planning And Wealth Management
Subject Code: CFW1010
Aim of Subject: The objective of the course is three-fold:
  • To create awareness and develop appreciation of Personal Financial Planning
  • To enable the participant identify and evaluate avenues for savings
  • To develop knowledge required to convert savings into wealth and manage the same through socially useful and desirable activities.
Learning Outcome of Subject: From this subject, students will :
  • Have a broader view on their future financial plan
  • Be exposed to different types of personal investment
  • Have a good understanding on estate and property planning, insurance
  • Be able to calculate and analyse certain type of investment
  • Be able to plan and manage their income
  • Understand the current market situation in investment, estate and property
Programme Outcomes:
  • Capability to communicate effectively(20%)
  • Ability to be a multi-skilled engineer with good technical knowledge, management, leadership and entrepreneurship skills(30%)
  • Understanding and commitment to professional and ethical responsibilities(10%)
  • Ability to work independently as well as with others in a team(20%)
  • Awareness of the social, cultural, global and environmental responsibilities as an engineer(10%)
  • Capability and enthusiasm for self-improvement through continuous professional development and life-long learning(10%)
Assessment Scheme:
  • Coursework(50%)
  • Final Exam(50%)
Teaching and Learning Activities: 28 hours (lectures and practical training)
Credit Hours: 2
Pre-Requisite: None
  • Edmund Cheah,Wong Boon Choy,Alex Sito and Rajan Devadagan-Financial Freedom
  • Kapoor,Dlabay and Hughes-Personal Finance
  • Fabozzi-Investment Management.

Subject Contents

  • Personal finances: Planning
    • Career planning
    • Money management
    • Tax matters

  • Personal finances: Managing
    • Mathematics of consumer credit: Annuity and other installment calculations
    • Consumption management
    • Analysis of consumer credit alternatives
    • Cost-effective credit alternatives
    • Selection of sources of consumer credit
    • Planning for and acquiring house and other real estate
    • Influencing factors
    • Sources of Finance
    • Planning for acquisition of durable consumer goods,viz,vehicles etc

  • Insurance
    • Health and disability insurance
    • Life insurance
    • Home and automobile insurance 4 hours

  • Retirement Planning and Estate Planning

  • Principles of investment
    • Liquidity and profitability:Risk-return analysis
    • Bank deposits
    • Analysis of Fixed Income Securities-Bonds
    • Yield Calculation
    • Stand Alone Risk
    • Investment in stocks
    • Estimation of stocks returns
    • Capital Gains
    • Stand-alone risk
    • Investment in mutual-funds

  • Portfolio Management
    • Fundamental Concepts

  • Real Estate and Property Market