Industrial Training


As part of the Faculty of Engineering and Technology integrated curriculum of the Bachelor of Engineering degree courses, all students are required to undergo industrial training for a minimum period of 12 weeks. Normally, the industrial training is carried out in the third trimester of delta year. Placement of students at various companies will be supervised and coordinated by the Industrial Training Committee set up by the Faculty. The students will be placed at various companies throughout Malaysia. The training at the various companies will expose the students to a real working environment including the companies' organization structures, business operations and administrative functions. The hands-on experience in the training will reinforce what has been taught at the University.

Course Description

Course code: EPT 4066 Industrial Training

Subject Status: Core

Credit Hours: 5

Examination: The training is graded as "Pass" or "Fail" based on :

  1. Lecturer's evaluation during industrial visit : 20%
  2. Employer’s evaluation : 20%
  3. Student Log Book (evaluated by employer): 10%
  4. Written Report : 30%
  5. Seminar Presentation : 20%

Upon passing, the student will accumulate five credit hours which will not be counted in the cumulative grade-point-average. Those who fail must repeat the industrial training.

trimester Offered : Delta year, Trimester 3.

Objectives :

  1. To expose students to the "real" working environment and get acquainted with the Organization structure, business operations and administrative functions.
  2. To have hands-on experience in their related field so that students can relate to and reinforce what has been taught at the University.
  3. To foster cooperation and to develop synergetic collaboration between industry and the university in promoting a knowledgeable society

Course Description :

Students will undergo a practical training period for a minimum of 12 weeks at an approved private, government or semi-government agency. The list of participating agencies will be released by the Faculty. Placement at the respective agency/company will be initiated by Industrial Training Committee. The decision of the Committee is final.

During the training period, students will be given assignment(s) which has been agreed upon by the Faculty and the participating agency/company. Training may involve, for example, one or more of the following : Feasibility study, requirement and functional analysis, system analysis and design, testing and implementation, maintenance and installation, security and recovery, programming and documentation, data collection and processing, organizational reengineering, etc..

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