Frequently Asked Questions


  1. What do I need to do if I wish to change course/faculty/campus?
  2. You need to write a letter of appeal to the respective centres / faculties. Once approved, you need to submit a copy of the approval letter to the Student Examination & Record Division as well as one copy to the Student Admission & Scholarship Division. Student Admission & Scholarship shall then reissue a new offer letter to you. 
  3. Should I change my majoring/degree program? (e.g. Telecommunication to Computer). How can I go about changing a majoring/degree program?
  4. Please see academic advisor to get recommendation and write officially to the Dean within the first two weeks of the trimester.
  5. I have not done course A yet, can I register for course B which has course A as a pre-requisite?
  6. No.
  7. Can a student do a project not listed in the 3rd year project list?
  8. Yes. They can propose and find a supervisor then get approval from Dean.
  9. Can a student do a project not listed under their major?
  10. Prior approval from Dean, but they can propose and find a supervisor before starting of project.
  11. Is it necessary to study Math? We seldom make use of what we learned anyway.
  12. Yes, what you learned would be useful in future and you would know how to utilise them.


  13. How do I calculate my CGPA and GPA?
  14. Suppose a student is taking n subjects each with credit hours  and he obtained grade points  respectively. Then

    and his CGPA is given by

    where PCGPA = previous CGPA, PTC = previous total credit hours.

    For 1st year students in trimester 1, their CGPA would be their calculated GPA. 

  15. Can I retake a subject to improve on my grade?
  16. Yes. In such a situation, the CGPA will be re-calculated accordingly.

    Refer to Repeat of Subject - Administration of Academic Performance (Regulation No : 6)

  17. If my calculated GPA or CGPA is x.99, how is it rounded up (or down)?
  18. Stay as it is.
  19. What are the rules of adding/dropping/ withdrawing the subjects/under probation status/loan/scholarship?
  20. Refer to Registration - Course Registration, Refund of Tuition Fee and Leave of Absence (Regulation No : 7)
  21. If the student is under probation, what is the minimum/maximum credit the student can take per trimester?
  22. Refer to Probation and Discontinuation of Study - Administration of Academic Performance (Regulation No : 6)
  23. What should the students do if they have been terminated?
  24. Appeal to the President.


  25. What are the entry qualifications for admission into Multimedia University?
  26. SPM / STPM / 'O' level / 'A' level / Diploma or equivalent. 
  27. How many intakes are there in a year?
  28. There is only one intake a year, which is in the month of June. Should there be any additional intakes, advertisements for application would be published in the major local dailies. 
  29. When does the new academic year start?
  30. Approximately in May. 
  31. What is the method of application?
    1. Apply online via MMU website at and login "INTAKE Online Application" OR 
    2. Cut out the advertisement that will be published in the major local dailies to request for the application form by following the procedures stated OR 
    3. Visit our campus in Melaka or Cyberjaya to purchase the application form. You need to make your payment at the Finance Division first before you proceed to Student Admission and Scholarship Division to obtain the appropriate application forms.
  32. When is the closing date of application?
  33. The closing date is being classified according the various categories of students:
    1. SPM / STPM or equivalent trial exam results - Approximately end of the year.
    2. Diploma or equivalent - Approximately in January.
    3. SPM / STPM or equivalent official results - 1 week after the release of the related results.
  34. When will I know my status of application if I were to use my trial SPM / STPM or equivalent results to apply?
  35. Approximately by the end of January.
  36. How about the application status for Diploma holders or equivalent?
  37. Approximately by mid of March.
  38. If I were to use my actual SPM / STPM or equivalent results to apply, when can I know the status of application?
  39. Approximately by the beginning of April.
  40. When could we get information about this intake on admission matters?
  41. Please contact 03-8312 5570/5000, Fax 03-8312 5022 (Cyberjaya campus) OR 06-252 3997/3411, Fax 06 - 231 5604 (Melaka Campus) OR e-mail us at
  42. What are the courses offered in both campuses of Multimedia University and the entry requirements for each course?
  43. Please refer to this link: (Foundation) or (Degree)
  44. What if I intend to do credit transfer?
  45. You can only apply for credit transfer upon admission. This shall be dealt directly with the respective faculties. Briefing will be given during Faculty briefing session during the Orientation Week. 

    Click here for the Credit Transfer Policy

  46. What does Alpha level mean?
  47. Alpha level is equivalent to the Pre-University/Foundation/Matriculation programmes offered in other institutions.
  48. How long does it take to complete the Alpha Level?
  49. 1 year.
  50. What do you mean by Beta, Gamma and Delta level?
  51. Beta, Gamma and Delta Level refers into the 1st year, 2nd year and 3rd year of the degree programmes respectively. As for Engineering, there will be additional 1 year which is known as Epsilon year.
  52. How long does it take to complete a Beta level and above?
  53. Usually one year for each level.
  54. Is it possible for me to visit MMU campus in Melaka and Cyberjaya?
  55. For visit to the University please contact our Marketing Communications Unit at 06-252 3026/3189 (Melaka Campus) and 03-8312 5018/5020 (Cyberjaya Campus).


  56. Will there be any provision of accommodation in both campuses?
  57. Upon admission, the Student Affairs and Sports Division (STAD) of the University will assist in the arrangement of accommodation for students. You could contact Encik Amir from STAD at 06-252 3660 (Melaka campus) and Encik Sharizan 03-8312 5934 (Cyberjaya campus). 

    Tuition Fees

  58. Are we supposed to pay the tuition fee on the day of registration itself? If not, when?
  59. No. The Finance Division will notify you on the date to make your payment and all matters pertaining to this shall be dealt directly with Finance Division. Normally the latest date of payment is 2 weeks before the final examination. 
  60. What is the mode of payment for the tuition fees?
  61. This is solely under the discretion of the Finance Division. Please contact our Finance Division at 03-83125098 for further information on the mode of payment, be it in terms of cash / cheque / money order / postal order.
  62. How often do I need to pay the tuition fees and how much do I need to pay each time?
  63. Tuition fees are to be paid on trimester basis. You will be notified on the amount to be paid according to the invoice issued upon registration.
  64. How much is the registration fee?
  65. You need to pay RM1,275.75. This includes RM500.00 for deposit, RM500.00 for registration, RM50.00 for smart card and RM225.75 for insurance premium. 
  66. When am I supposed to pay the registration fees?
  67. You are required to pay the stipulated registration fees upon acceptance of the offer.

    Financial Aids

  68. Will there be any scholarship / loan offered to needy students?
  69. Yes. Students will be notified from time to time on the various financial aids available. Besides during Orientation Week, the Scholarship Unit will conduct briefings on the application and availability of financial aids.
  70. Does MMU itself provide financial assistance to students?
  71. No. MMU does not provide any scholarship / loan to students. Nevertheless, the Scholarship Unit collaborates closely with other esteemed organizations to provide financial aids to students.
  72. Which body is the largest provider of financial aid to Multimedia University’s students?
  73. Perbadanan Tabung Pendidikan Tinggi Nasional (PTPTN). National Higher Education Fund.
  74. What is PTPTN?
  75. This is a type of loan furnished by the Malaysian government to assist students financially in public as well as selected private institutions of higher learning. The chances of students whose parents are government servants and government retirees securing the loan are very high or in fact almost 100% secured. Students need to pay back the loan obtained with a 4% interest charge upon graduation.
  76. How do I apply for the PTPTN loan?
  77. You could contact the relevant authorities directly at 03-789 5450/5451/5464. Advertisement inviting for application will be advertised in the major local dailies between October and December every year. Besides you could even apply on-line at
  78. How could I know more about financial aids assistance?
  79. Please contact Puan Azniyati Akmar from our Scholarship Unit at 03-8312 5086 for more information. 


  80. Since the lecturer doesn't allow us to attend other tutorial groups that we are not registered in, can we change the tutor as the current tutor is not that good?
  81. No, please assess them during the Academic Evaluation exercise and feedback to Dean.
  82. We have several lecturers teaching one subject, each of them covers one or two topics, some are performing well but not all, could we ask the good one to teach the whole subject?
  83. No, consult with the lecturers.
  84. My current lecturer in the course xxxx is so bad, and because of him/her, I might fail this course. Worst still, it is now too late to drop it, what shall I do?
  85. Go and discuss with the lecturers involved.
  86. Dr. so and so always try to insult us in the class, he is trying to compare us with his other better students, all the class don't like him. Can the Faculty replace him and sent in a new lecturer to teach us?
  87. Assignment of workload is done by the Dean. Please assess them during the Academic Evaluation exercise.


  88. If I want to further my studies, what are the programs available?
  89. Please refer to University's prospectus.
  90. Can a colourblind person be an Engineering student?
  91. Depend on the seriousness, not advisable.
  92. What is the future as a xxx engineer? (eg. microwave)
  93. No standard answer, please ask for academic advisor's professional judgement.
  94. What is the difference between xxx and xxx? (eg. microwave & telecomm.)
  95. No standard answer, please ask for academic advisor's professional judgement.
  96. What is expected by the companies out there? Can we meet their demand? Is what we studied sufficient to apply in work when we graduate?
  97. No standard answer, please ask for academic advisor's professional judgement. Students are encouraged to attend the student seminars organised by SAAC.