Students Appeal on Academic Matters

MMU is committed to provide a harmonious and fair learning environment by ensuring that students have access to processes that allow for grievances to be resolved. Therefore, Senate No. 154 has approved the process flow of the appeal process for students to request for reconsideration of an academic decision.

The appeal process includes an informal resolution procedure as well as a procedure for formal appeal for an academic decision. We strongly encourages students to attempt an informal resolution before making a formal appeal. They should discuss the matter directly with the party who makes or represents the academic decision (tutor, lecturer, the department concerned) and make a reasonable effort to resolve the issue.

If no resolution is reached by the first step, or if the student is uncomfortable in trying to resolve the issue directly with the appropriate party, he or she should submit a formal appeal/complaint to the Dean of Faculty or the Director of Academic Center Academic.

A reply to any complaint will be made within 5 working days and the concerned student shall be informed on the decision, the basis for the decision and other related information on further avenues for appeal.

If an effective solution cannot be reached or the student is not satisfied with the outcome of the appeal, the student may submit a formal appeal to the President Office. Any appeals to the President Office should be submitted in writing using the appeal form with supporting documents. You may obtain the form from Student Service Centre (SSC).

Enclosed herewith are the Process Flow for Student Appeal on Academic matters and the Appeal Form for Academic Matters for your reference.


This message was originally posted by Examination and Records Unit on MMU Bulletin Board on 12 October 2012.

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