Revision on Regulation No. 7 - Academic Load

This information is just for your information only. It is not applicable to FET students.

Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE) and Malaysian Qualification Agency (MQA) have come out with a circular on the maximum credit hours that a student (NOT APPLICABLE FOR ENGINEERING STUDENTS) can register in a long trimester (14 lecture-week). The students can register for a maximum of 20 credit hours.

Therefore, Senate in its Meeting (Senate Meeting No. 157) has agreed to revise the Regulation No. 7 on Academic Load as follows:

Academic Load

6. Students are to adhere to the academic load as prescribed below:

6.1 Full time NON-ENGINEERING degree students not on probation status

Full-time students who are not on probation can take a maximum of 20 credit hours and a minimum of 3 subjects in a 14 lecture-week trimester and a maximum of 10 credit hours and a minimum of 1 subject in a 7 lecture-week trimester.

14 Lecture-week Trimester

Minimum subject: 3 subjects, Maximum Credit Hours: 20 credit hours

7 Lecture-week Trimester*:

Minimum subject: 1 subject, Maximum Credit Hours: 10 credit hours

*The changed is in accordance to the change in the guideline for academic calendar (which is as per MOHE circulation too). A short trimester will consist of 7 lecture- week instead of 8 lecture-week.

The revised regulation will take immediate effect from Trimester 2, 2012/2013 Session. Should you have any further questions, you may e-mail to Examination and Records Unit (

This message was originally posted by Examination and Records Unit on MMU Bulletin Board on 20 October 2012.

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