Software available in FET Laboratories are as below:
Windows-based software
  Windows 95
Windows 98
Windows NT server 4.0 SP4 and 6
Windows NT workstation 4.0
Windows NT workstation 3.5.1
Windows 2000 SP4
Windows XP Professional SP1
Linux Red Hat ver9.1
Lotus SmartSuite 96, 97
Lotus Smartsuite Millennium ver 9.0
Microsoft Office 95 Standard

Microsoft Office 97 Std / Pro
Microsoft Office 2000 Std / Pro
Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0
Microsoft Visual Basic 4.0 Std
Microsoft Visual C++
Norton Antivirus v5.0
Norton Antivirus 2001

Norton Antivirus 2003

Norton Antivirus Corporate Edition v7.6
Norton Utilities ver8.0
Pc-Cilin 97

Pc-Cilin v5.0
Trend Pccilin 98
Trend Pccilin 2000
Borland C++ 5.01
Borland C++ 4.5
Matlab v6.1
Matlab ver6.0, ver5.3.1, ver5.2
Download Accelerator (shareware)
Paint Shop Pro v7.02 (shareware)
Njwin (shareware)
MagicWin (shareware)
Winzip 8.0 (shareware)
Enzip (freeware)
DJGPP (freeware)
Fineprint (freeware)
Ws_Ftp (freeware)
Netscape Communicator 4.78, 7.1(freeware)
Internet Explorer 5.5, 6.0 SP1(freeware)
Gsview and Ghostscript (freeware)
PSpice Student Edition v9.1 (freeware)
Wraptures (Extreme 3D)
  Asymetrix 3D/FX Digital Video Producer
Asymetrix Toolbook II ver5.01
ACCEL Schematic
ACCEL Dr. Spice ver8.21
Emulation Terminal Program for SK-8051
Computer-Based-Training software
Multimedia Toolbook 4.0
Fault Assisted Circuits for Electronic Training (F.A.C.E.T)
Macromedia Authorware 3.5 
Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.0
Adobe Acrobat Writer 4.05
Adobe Premiere 4.0
Adobe Premiere 4.2 
Adobe Photoshop 4.0 
Tanner Tools
Catia  V5 (CAD/CAM software)

Taylor Enterprise Dynamics (TED) v3.4

CAD/CAM software
CorelDraw 6.0

Corel Photopaint ver5.0

Morph Editor

Hsc Digital Morph

Ms Multimedia Jumpstart (ver 1.1a)

Ms Television

Ahead Nero Burning Software
Gear - S/W for CD-Writer

Omnipage (ver 4.01)

PaperPort Software ver3.01

Word Scan v3.02


True Space ver2.0

LPA Prolog v3.3

Elastic Reality

Icon Author v7.0

Altera Max Plus Baseline II v10.2 (student edition)
UNIX-based software MAC-based software
  Solaris 7
 ITGuru - OPNET v7.0

 Cadence & Synthesis ver7.0

 Star Office 5.1

 Sun Workshop comprising:

        Sun Workshop Compilers C/C++ 4.2,

        Sun Workshop Compilers Fortran 4.2,

        Sun Workshop Professional Pascal 5.0,

        Sun Visual Workshop C++ 3.0 etc..
  Macromedia Director 4.0 
Adobe Illustrator 6.0 

Adobe Pagemaker 6.0 

Adobe Photoshop 3.0 

Adobe Premiere 4.2