MMU World of Multimedia

Definition of "Multimedia"

"An integrated digital medium combining several media presented in an interactive manner."

The Dual Multimedia Value Chain

The reason it is called a "dual" chain is because it comprises two chains, namely : the Multimedia Support Services/Products chain and the Multimedia Services/Products chain. Both chains have three components respectively, with the former having Technology Building Blocks, Network & System and Software & Content. The latter has Content & Presentation, and Marketing, Distribution & Business as its components. The lower chain provides support to the Multimedia Services/Products chain. 

The idea behind the Dual Chain is to illustrate how the activities of the University, which is Multimedia and IT oriented, fit into the various components mentioned earlier, starting from upstream Technology Building Blocks to downstream Presentation. Generally, the Multimedia Dual Chain covers four major disciplines of studies: Engineering (left hand side of lower chain), Information Technology (right hand side of lower chain), Creative Multimedia (left hand side of upper chain) and Management (right hand side of upper chain).

The following show the definitions and examples of activities of the various components mentioned above.

Definition of Multimedia Services/Products and Examples of Activities - Content & Presentation

Content Creator

Directly creating multimedia/IT-based content that will provide users with richer interactive experiences of knowing, learning, entertaining, working, socialising and living 

Creating multimedia content 

  • Educational CD-ROM 
  • Gaming Software 
  • Digital Entertainment 
1 Reference: Multimedia Development Corporation

Developing and providing 'value added' multimedia content:

  • Developing bundles of on or offline materials 
  • Deploying multimedia technologies for adding value to other multimedia content 
Bundling online/offline materials
  • Bulletin board system 
  • Information provider 
  • Interactive advertising 
  • Information System 
Deploying multimedia technologies 
  • Database (DBMS) 
  • Virtual Reality 
  • Search engines 


Definition of Multimedia Services/Products and Examples of Activities - Marketing, Distribution & Business


Providing multimedia distribution channels that allow multimedia content to be distributed to planned customer premises or devices: 

  • Content hosting 
  • Backbone network 
  • Access pipelines (narrowband, semi-broadband or broadband networks) 
  • Content hosting  
    • UNIX or NT-based server for Internet hosting 
  • Backbone network 
    • ATM 
  • Access pipeline  
    • Narrowband - Internet Phone 
    • Semi-broadband - Cable Modems, ISDN 
    • Broadband - Fibre 

Providing multimedia distribution gateways linking users to otherwise unconnected or incompatible networks: 

  • Technical solutions 
  • Customer services enabled by telecommunications and IT 
  • Technical Solutions  
    • Transport protocol 
  • Services  
    • Cyberpreneurship Development 
  • Technology Forecasting 


Definition of Multimedia Services/Products and Examples of Activities - Technology Building Blocks

Semiconductors and Optical Devices

Developing semiconductors, and/or other components that perform specific functions critical to the operation of a larger system or subsystems:

  • Semiconductors 
  • Key multimedia, computer, or IT components 
  • Other niche components 
  • Semiconductors  
    • RISC microprocessor 
    • Nanotechnology
    • Other integrated circuits design 
  • Optical Components and Devices
    • Laser Diodes
    • Optical Filter
    • Optical Amplifier
  • Key components  
    • Cache memory  
    • Fibre Optic lasers  
  • Niche components  
    • Imaging 
    • Smart Cards 
    • Video Computing 
    • Customised chips 

Developing physical equipment that performs specific functions to data structured in standard protocols and formats at the behest of software based institutions: 

  • User device 
  • Storage 
  • Serving 
  • Distribution 
  • Other IT subsystems 
  • User device  
    • Software (refer to Software) 
    • Hardware  
      • Computers 
      • SAR Interferometry 
      • Scatterometer 
  • Storage  
    • Information warehouse 
    • Data storage array 
  • Serving  
    • Mainframe/servers 
    • Central office/headend server 
  • Distribution 
    • Ethernet switch


Definition of Multimedia Services/Products and Examples of Activities - Network & System

Central & Distribution Systems

Designing and developing the architecture of networks comprising a host of distributed systems and other supporting technologies that will create a central and distributed network to be accessible by an aggregate pool of customers. 


  • Architecture of Networks & Distributed System  
    • LAN/WAN architecture 
    • Internetworking 
    • Network  
      • design 
      • optimisation 
      • Management 
    • Neural Networks 
    • Broadband Transport & distributed network 
    • Distributed media 
Network Platforms

Developing networking technologies or services that will connect disparate technologies into a coherent network element, including linkages with legacy systems: 

  • Creating a Software operating system or an open/priority hardware 
  • Provision of technical networking services 
  • Creating a Software operating system or an open/priority hardware  
    • Network computer 
    • Routing software 
    • Workgroup software 
  • Provision of technical networking services  
    • High Speed & Broadband networking 
    • System integration 

Definition of Multimedia Services/Products and Examples of Activities - Software & Content


Developing software and applications to provide an operating platform or a set of integrated capabilities necessary for a user to engage in a specific electronic/multimedia activity: 

  • Software 
  • Standardised applications 
  • Customised applications 
  • Software  
    • Operating system 
  • Communication system(recognition system or input/output system for data, voice, image, video or bio data) 
  • File sharing utilities 
  • Standardised application  
    • Accounting software packages 
  • Customised application  
    • Neural networks 
    • Fuzzy-logic systems 
    • Biometrics
    • Bio-informatics
Support Services

Providing support and professional services to the multimedia users and organisations, including installation, usage, training, security, billing and transactional services. 


  • Services  
    • Data security management 
    • System administration and maintenance 
    • Customer information data mining 
    • Billing and payment facilities 
    • Facilities management 
    • User training and education 
    • IT consultancy