Faculty of Engineering and Technology (FET) is one of the major academic units in the University. Its mission is to inspire inquiring minds through innovative learning and research. The students are given training, both in-depth and broad-based, on fundamental principles, advanced technology and practical aspects of engineering, with the aid of interactive multimedia. The subjects covered include telecommunications, robotics, mechanical and bio-instrumentation technologies.

The approach combines classroom instruction, computer-based interactive multimedia learning mode as well as open interaction between members of staff and students, amongst students, and between the university with the various industries. We are creating a learned community that collects, preserves and disseminates state-of-the-art knowledge in multimedia-related areas.

In addition to the pursuit of academic excellence, our graduates shall possess moral, ethical, as well as spiritual values. They are intelligent leaders who are able to produce engineering solutions based on sound fundamental engineering principles, and at the same time, possess an instinct for creativity and innovation. These graduates are multi-skilled and they are capable of spearheading scientific invention, technological breakthrough and wealth creation. At the same time, they are environmentally conscious and they hold paramount concern for the safety, health and welfare of the public when executing their duties.

FET offers opportunities for research over a wide range of disciplines. At present, there are 3 university-level research centres in FET, namely Centre for Advanced Materials and Green Technology (CAMGT), Centre for Remote Sensing and Surveillance Technologies (CRSST), and Centre for Robotics and Automation (CRA). There are also 4 faculty-level special interest groups, namely Biomedical Informatics and Information Technology (BIIT), Communication Systems and Algorithms (CSA), Solid State Electronics (SSE) and Digital VLSI Design (DVD). We aim for international recognition in the R&D community, and we aim to achieve an established record of outstanding innovations where fundamental research can be transformed into products of commercial significance. Extensive industrial contacts have ensured that collaboration and financial support on a large scale are available.

The distinct features of the Faculty are:

Course content:
At this faculty, the training is geared towards various technologies leading to multimedia applications. The course syllabi are carefully designed to meet the needs of the industries.

Mode of delivery:
Besides traditional classroom instruction, emphasis is also placed on the use of multimedia technology in lecture delivery and hands-on experiments using interactive computer-based training concept.

Open interaction:
At this faculty, student-student, student-faculty, student-industry and faculty-industry interactions are encouraged. Through open interaction and discussion by great minds, bright ideas are bound to be created and conceived.

Students of MMU are encouraged to be involved in the research activities, for we believe that their young and brilliant minds will bring new dimensions to the research activities in the Faculty.

State-of-the-Art Facilities:
The collaborative work between industries and the faculty enables the faculty to constantly upgrade its facilities through sponsorship from the industries and internal funding.



To be a competitive faculty through innovation of learning and research in engineering and technology



To inspire inquiring minds through innovative learning and research


Qualities of Graduates

A learned community who collects, preserves and disseminates state-of-the-art knowledge in the Information Age. Development of moral, ethical and spiritual qualities of engineering profession. Intelligent Engineering graduates capable of responsible leadership who can analyze situations systematically based on sound fundamental laws of nature, and with an instinct for creativity and innovation.

Engineering graduates who hold paramount safety, health and welfare of the public, as well as the careful use of natural resources in the performance of their professional duties. Multi-skilled engineering graduates who are able to spearhead scientific, technological and wealth creation.


Degree Programmes Offered by the Faculty

1. Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) Mechanical
2. Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) Electronics majoring in Robotics and Automation
3. Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) Electronics majoring in Telecommunications

4. Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) Electronics majoring in Bio-Instrumentation
5. Master of Engineering in Embedded System
6. Master of Engineering in Advanced Manufacturing Management



Career Prospects


A wide spectrum of career opportunities awaits our engineering graduates. The degree programmes offered by the faculty are well suited to the needs of the information age. Opportunities are abundant for telecommunication, mechanical and robotics and automation engineering graduates in the expanding of the industry as well as the up and coming bio medical engineering industry.


Presently, the need for engineers and professionals in embedded system is therefore tremendous. At such, a retraining in this field for working engineers will be very rewarding indeed.


In fact, the global demand for quality engineers has been and will be growing at a tremendous rate. It is expected that these graduates will establish startup companies and become the future cyberpreneurs of the region. For those who are interested in an academic career, they are encouraged to pursue their postgraduate studies in this university or other prestigious universities abroad.


1. Mechanical: automobile, renewable energy, factory automation, air-conditioning, consultancy
2. Robotics and Automation: Robotics, Industrial Automation, Academic or Industrial Research and Development
3. Telecommunications: radio communication, mobile phone network planning, frequency planning

4. Bio-Instrumentation: health, biomedical and biotechnology industries, academic research


Contact Details


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Faculty of Engineering and Technology
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Ms. Norazah Aziz
Assistant Manager
Faculty of Engineering and Technology
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Ms. Juanna Juma'at
Assistant Manager
Faculty of Engineering and Technology
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