FET 2004 Achievement


1.     Robocon 2004 Malaysia


Venue                        : Sirim, Shah Alam

Date :                                : 8/5/04 to 09/5/04

      Supervisors                        :  Yong Yik Seng

Management Team              : Mr. Koay KH, Mr. Koo VC, Dr. Wong EK

Team Members                   : Lim Chee Siong

: Pang Sh Kang

: Melvin Phua Twang Kim

: Choo Chee Wee

: Chin Chia Inn

: Yap Kien Ong

: Lim Seng Hoong

: Wong Sheng Chao

: Ng Chee Jie

Award                                 :  a. 2nd Runner Up

                                                   b. Best Idea Award





2.    IEE Inter-Varsity Project Competition - Manufacturing Category


Venue                                 : University Malaya

Competition date                : 07/5/04

Supervisor                          : Dr. Wong EK

Students                            : Muhd. Rafiq

: Lim Theng Shing

: Ng Kong Song

: Woon Chee Yong


Award                                            : Champion (RM1,000)





3.    Jobstreet Award – The Best Final Year Project


    Winner               : Mr. Kam Ping Ann

    Project Title       : Optical Scroll for Computer Mouse




4.    Jobstreet Engineering Award – The Best Student


    Winner                 : Yong Chen Tai





5.    IEM Gold Medal Award – The Best Final Year Student


    Winner                 : Mr. Yong Chen Tai





6.    MMU 5th Convocation – The President Award


     Winner                           : Mr. Mak Kwang Hooi





7.    IEM Young Engineer Award 2004


Date                     : 19 June 2004

Venue                   : Perdana Ballroom, Bukit Jalil Golf & Country Resort, Kuala Lumpur

Winner                 : Mr. Koo Voon Chet



About the Award


The objective of the Award is to encourage interest in engineering and to recognize potential among young engineers in Malaysia. The Award will be presented to the person who has shown outstanding ability and leadership qualities, either


i)                    in the design and / or construction of an engineering device or system of merit, or

ii)                 in the research and development or teaching of engineering


In any one year the Award may be made in either one or both of the categories mentioned above.

The Award is open to candidates who are


i)                    registered member with the Board of Engineers, Malaysia and under 35 years of age

ii)                 Malaysian citizens or permanent residents of Malaysia

iii)               Graduate or corporate members of IEM (The Institution of Engineers, Malaysia)






8.    Robofest 2004 (National Level Robotic Competition)


Date                 : 21 – 22/ August 2004

Venue               : MidValley Kuala Lumpur

Organiser          : Sirim, KDU




Survival Robot                 : Champion

Prize                                  : RM3000

Supervisors                       : Mr. Jonas Djuanda, Mr. Yong Yik Seng

Manager                            : Amir Shah

Advisors                             : Dr Wong Eng Kiong, Mr. Amir Shah, Mr. Lim Chot Hun

Student Members             : William Hii,

: Wong Sheng Chao

: Pang ShKang

: Yap Kien Ong

: Lim Seng Hung





RoboGrab                         : Best Design

Prize                                 : RM1000

Supervisor                        : Mr. Sim Kok Swee

Manager                           : Mr. Amir Shah

Advisors                            : Dr Wong Eng Kiong, Mr. Chua Shing Chyi, Mr. Kang Chee Chiang, Mr. Khoo Kah Hean

Student Members             : Kishore Kumar Gandi

: Toh Kean Lip

: Lim Choon How

: Leo Sai Mun

: Ong Swee Sin




9.    3G Application and Content Development Competition

Organiser       : Telekom Malaysia Berhad, MMU and Nokia (M) Sdn. Bhd.

Date                : 22 Dec 2004


a. 1st  Prize Winner                : FET

Project Title                : m-Bookshop

Students’ Member      : Lee Kwoon Fai

                                    : Ngui Thai Sung

                                    : Sia Hie Huong


b. 2nd Prize Winner                : FOE

            Project Title                : Mobile Internet Application for Paddy Monitoring

            Students’ Member      : Choi Yik Weng

                                                : Goh Hock Guan


c. 3rd Prize Winner                : FET

            Project Title                : Album Anywhere

            Students’ member      : Low Keng Mun

                                                : Wong Yuen Sern

                                                : Tan Siew Lin

                                                : Logan a/l Arjunan

                                    1st Prize Winner


                                    3rd Prize Winner



10.    The Institution of Mechanical Engineer - The Andrew Fraser Prize 2004


Organiser        : The Institution of Mechanical Engineer – Malaysia Branch

Date                : 08 Dec 2004

Venue             : KL Lake Club


Project Title                : Cost Effective Cooling of A Stationary Car

Students’ Member      : Tang Yu Cai

                                    : Alfrey B Mohamed Ali

                                    : Goh Swee Yoke

                                    : Mohamad Rafiq

Supervisor                  : Professor Tso Chih Ping