Ubiquitous Robotics 

  • The focus is on the design of intelligent environment (ambient) through ubiquitous computing and home personal robots.

Humanoid Intelligence

  • The focus is on incorporation of a layer of intelligence or cognition into robots to enable them to deal with missing or uncertain information, to modify their behavior according to the current tasks and situation and to detect and possibly recover from exceptional situations and failures.

Condition Monitoring

  • The focus is on development of the architecture for a Smart Machine Condition Monitoring System which allows users to consolidate performance data of their geographically dispersed equipment.

Control and Manipulation

  • The focus is on non-prehensile (without force/form closure) cooperative manipulation (more than one arm) through including arms, object and their interaction dynamics as well as intelligent planning/control techniques to safely/optimally manipulate multi-link objects in 3D space. Applications would be like manipulating a human body or heavy objects by cooperative arms.

On going Research Projects for Year 2015

  • A New Behavioural Conditioning Algorithm Using Point Cloud Estimation (Ir. Dr. Lim Chot Hun, TM R&D Grant, RM 388,815)
  • Omnidirectional Car Burglar Detection System (Ir. Dr. Wong Wai Kit, e-Science Grant, RM 129,150)

Completed Funded Projects for Year 2014

  • Autonomous Navigation System Development Using Motion Sensing and Perception Algorithms (DALE) (Ir. Lim Chot Hun, FET, TM R&D Fund, Amount: RM287, 889.00)
  • Vision Based Floor Pattern Tracking Method for Robotic Routing (Ir. Dr. Wong Wai Kit, Dr. Min Thu Soe and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Wong Eng Kiong, FET, FRGS Fund, Amount: RM 82,200.00)

Completed Research Projects for Year 2013

  • The goal of this project is to develop methodologies for efficient specifications and generation of robotic motion performance. The overall inspiration is to increase the accuracy and robustness of the controller even with parametric uncertainty and disturbances. (Ms. Kwek Lee Chung, FET)
  • Omnidirectional Thermal Visualization (Dr. Wong Wai Kit, FET)
  • Real-Time Anticipation in Mobile Robot. (P. Velrajkumar, FET)
  • Tool wear diagnostics and prognostics using Hilbert Huang transform. (J. Emerson Raja, FET)

Completed Funded Projects for Year 2013

  • Omnidirectional Surveillance System Featuring Trespasser and Faint Detection for i-Habitat (Dr. Wong Wai Kit,Dr. Chan Yee Kit, Dr. Tan Kim Geok, Dr. Lim Way Soong, FET, MOSTI Escience Fund, Amount: RM137,796)
  • Omnidirectional Body Temperature Detector (Dr. Wong Wai Kit, Dr. Lim Heng Siong, FET, TM R&D Fund, Amount: RM427,900)