1. Bench Power Supply (Model: Aim-TTi QPX1200SP)
  2. Centifugal Fan
  3. Convection Heat Transfer Test Unit
  4. Heat Treatment Furnace
  5. Induction Furnace
  6. Linear Reciprocating Tribo Test Machine
  7. Scratch Test Machine
  8. SEM Machine
  9. Thermal Conductivity Measurement Chamber
  10. Tribology Tester
  11. Water channel connected to water pump and tidal stream turbine unit.
  12. Water vortex basin connected to the pump used by the water channel. There will be a vortex turbine unit (including turbine blade, structure to hold the turbine and load cells).
  13. Wind Tunnel
  14. Solar Panel


A foundry at the Centre

A water channel at the Centre