Publications – 2016


List of journal papers

  • Mhd Noor, E. E., Nordin, S. S., and Raja, J. E. (2016/2016). Properties of Aluminum Matrix Composite (AMCs) for Electronic Packaging. Materials Science Forum, 857,18-21.
  • Palanisamy, C., and Kok, C. K. (2016/2016). Effect of Grinding Process Parameters on Surface Area Roughness of Glass fibre Reinforced Composite Laminate under Dry and Coolant Environment. International Journal of Engineering and Technology (IJET), 8(2),1295-1301.
  • Liew, K. W., Kok, C. K., and Mhd Noor, E. E. (2016/2016). Effect of EDM dimple geometry on friction reduction under boundary and mixed lubrication. Tribology International, 101,1-9.
  • Ee , C. S., Ting, F. F., Sim, K. S., and Tso, C. P. (2015/2016). Development of a Graphical User Interface Training System for Early Infarct Detection. International Journal of Information and Electronics Engineering, 6(1),54-58.
  • Sim, K. S., Yeap, Z. X., and Tso, C. P. (2015/2016). Signal-to-Noise Ratio Estimation Using Adaptive Tuning on the Piecewise Cubic Hermite Interpolation Model for Images. Scanning, 1(1), in-press.
  • Perumal, L., Tso, C. P., and Lim, T. L. (2016/2016). Analysis of Thin Plates with Holes by Using Exact Geometrical Representation within XFEM. Journal of Advanced Research, 7(3),445-452.
  • Perumal, L. (2016/2016). A Novel Virtual Node Hexahedral Element with Exact Integration and Octree Meshing. Mathematical Problems in Engineering, 2016(3261391), 1-19.
  • Mhd Noor, E. E., and Mhd Nasir, N. F. (2016/2016). Effects of Wetting Behavior on Gallium Addition in In-Zn Solder Alloy. Materials Science Forum, 857.
  • Alkaff, S., Sim, S. C., and Mhd Noor, E. E. (2015/2016). A Review of Underground Building towards Thermal Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Development. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 60, 692-713.
  • Mhd Noor, E. E. (2016/2016). Effect of Thermal Aging on the Interfacial of Sn-Zn and Sn-Zn-Bi Solders Joint on Cu Substrate. Key Engineering Materials, 700,113-122.
  • Lotfi, M., Jahanbakhsh, M., and Akhavan Farid, A. (2016/2016). Wear Estimation of Ceramic and Coated Carbide Tools in Turning of Inconel 625: 3D FE Analysis. Tribology International, 99(7),107-116.
  • Jahanbakhsh, M., Akhavan Farid, A., and Lotfi, M. (2016/2016). Optimal Flank Wear in Turning of Inconel 625 Super-Alloy Using Ceramic Tool. Journal of Engineering Manufacture, published online, nine pages.
  • Namazi, H., Khosrowabadi, R., Hussaini, J., Habibi, S., Akhavan Farid, A., and Kulish, V. V. (2016/2016). Analysis of the Influence of Memory Content of Auditory Stimuli on the Memory Content of EEG Signal. Oncotarget, 7(35), 56120-56128.