Publications – 2015

Recent publications (since year 2012)

List of journal papers

  • Lotfi, M., Akhavan Farid A., and Soleimanimehr H. (2015). The effect of chip breaker geometry on chip shape, bending moment, and cutting force: FE analysis and experimental study. The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, May 2015 Vol.78 No.8, pp 917-925.
  • Lotfi, M., Akhavan Farid A., and Soleimanimehr H. (2015). A New Hybrid Model Based on the Radius Ratio for Prediction of Effective Cutting Limit of Chip Breakers. Journal of Engineering Manufacture, May 2015, doi: 10.1177/0954405415586549.
  • Palanisamy, C., and Kok, C. K. (2015). Effects of abrasive types on grinding of chopped strand mat glass fibre reinforced polymer composite laminates. Machining Science and Technology, 19, (2), 313-324.
  • Tio, K. K. (2015). Analysis of overloaded micro heat pipes: Effects of solid thermal conductivity. International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, 81, (February 2015), 737-749.
  • Umar Nirmal, Jamil Hashim, and Low, K. O. (2012). Adhesive wear and frictional performance of bamboo fibres reinforced epoxy composite, Tribology International, 47, 122-133.
  • Umar Nirmal, Low, K. O., and Jamil Hashim. (2012). On the effect of abrasiveness to process equipment using betelnut and glass fibres reinforced polyester composites, Wear, 290-291, 32-40.
  • Yap T.C., El-Tayeb, N.S.M., von Brevern, P. (2013). Cutting Forces, Friction Coefficient and Surface Roughness in Machining Ti-5Al-4V-0.6Mo-0.4Fe using Carbide Tool K313 under Low Pressure Liquid Nitrogen. Journal of the Brazilian Society of Mechanical Sciences and Engineering, 35(1), 11-15.
  • Mon, T.T., Yap, T.C., Bidin, N., Ishak, M. (2014). On Generation of Micro-Feature on Silicon with an Industrial Laser. Materials Science Forum, 773-774, 669-677.
  • Yasothei Suppiah and Kho Phin Shen, 2015. Minimizing Total Weighted Tardiness on Single Machine. International Journal for Research in Science Engineering and Technology (IJRSET), 2(5),12-18,ISSN 2394-739X.


List of conference papers