Publications – 2014

Recent publications (since year 2012)

List of journal papers

  • Prasanth Asok, Chockalingam, P., (2014) Dry and compressed cold air cooling comparative study on 6061 aluminium alloy drilling using coated drill. Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 903 pp 45-50.
  • Ervina Efzan, M.N.,  Kong, H. J.,  and Kok, C. K. (2014). Review: Effect of Alloying Element on Al-Si Alloys. Advanced Materials Research, 845, 355-359.
  • Liew, K.W., Kong H. J., Low K. O.,  Kok C. K., and Lee, D. (2014). The Effect Of Heat Treatment Duration On Mechanical And Tribological Characteristics Of Ni–P–PTFE Coating On Low Carbon High Tensile Steel. Materials and Design, 62, 430-44
  • Habibi Matin, M., and Tso, C.P. (2014). Viscous dissipative microchannel flow of a nanofluid under magneto-hydrodynamic (MHD) effect with boundary slip.  Nanoscale and Microscale Thermophysical Engineering, 18, 137-154.
  • Umar Nirmal, Jamil Hashim, and Low, K. O. (2012). Adhesive wear and frictional performance of bamboo fibres reinforced epoxy composite, Tribology International, 47, 122-133.
  • Mon, T.T., Yap, T.C., Bidin, N., Ishak, M. (2014). On Generation of Micro-Feature on Silicon with an Industrial Laser. Materials Science Forum, 773-774, 669-677.
  • Yasothei Suppiah and Mohamed K. Omar, 2014. A Hybrid Tabu Search for Batching and Sequencing Decisions in a Single Machine Environment. Computers & Industrial Engineering, 78, 135-147 (2014), ISSN: 0360-8352,Elsevier.


List of conference papers

  1. Ervina, M.N, Kong, H. J., and Kok, C. K., (2014) “The properties of Na2CO3 and Ti hybrid modified LM 6 alloy using ladle metallurgy,” International Conference on Fuzzy Computation and Modelling  (ICFCM) (accepted).