Publications – 2012

 List of journal papers

  • Chen, G.M. and  Tso, C.P. (2012).  A thermal resistance analysis on forced convection with viscous dissipation in a porous medium using entransy dissipation concept. International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, 55, 3744-3754.
  • Chen, G.M. and  Tso, C.P. (2012). Field synergy principle analysis on convective heat transfer in porous medium with uniform heat generation for thermally developing flow.  International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, 55, 4139- 4147.
  • Chockalingam P., Kok, C. K.,., and Thoguluva, R. V. (2012). Effect of Coolant on Cutting Forces and Surface Rougness in Grinding of CSM GFRP. International Journal of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering,  6, 234-239.
  • Kayani, A.A., Khoshmanesh, K., Ward, S.A., Mitchell, A. and Kalantar-zadeh, K. (2012). OptofluidicIncorporating Actively Controlled Micro- and Nanoparticles. Biomicrofluidics, Vol. 6.
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  • Chrimes, A.F., Khoshmanesh, K., Stoddart, P.R., Kayani, A.A., Mitchell, A., Daima, H., Bansal, V., Kalantar-zadeh, K. (2012). Active Control of Silver Nanoparticles Spacing Using Dielectrophoresis for SERS. Analytical Chemistry. Vol. 84, pp. 4029-4035.
  • Yi, P., Khoshmanesh, K., Kayani, A.A., Chrimes, A.F., Ghorbani, K. and Kalantar-zadeh, K. (2012). Heat transfer investigations of suspended Al2O3 nanoparticles in microfluidics. Lab on a Chip. Vol. 12, pp. 2520-2525
  • Kok, C.K., Yeo, V.S.H., and Sim, H. K. (2012). Quality Improvement for Wire Bond Strength within the Semiconductor Manufacturing Environment. International Journal of Six Sigma and Competitive Advantage, 7( 2/3/4), 151-167.
  • Chin, J. W. C., Kok, C. K., Rajmohan, M. M., Yeo, V. S. H. and Said, M. R. (2012).  Investigating The Effects of Lead Forming Parameters on Intermetallic Layer Crack Using the Finite-Element Method. Journal of Electronic Materials, 41( 4), 774-781.
  • Liew, K. W., Ramasegar, A., Souiyah, M., and El-Tayeb, N. S. M. (2012). Minimizing Push-out Delamination in Glass Fiber Reinforced Polyester using RSM. International Journal of Applied Science and Technology, Vol. 2, No. 3, 183 -191.
  • Low, K. O., and Teo, W. C. (2012). Characteristics of SBR, Neoprene and EPDM compounds in a single-pass pendulum scratch, Tribology International, 54, 9-16.
  • Sheela-Francisca, J., Tso, C.P., Hung, Y.M., and Rilling, D. (2012). Heat Transfer on asymmetric thermal viscous dissipative Couette-Poiseuille flow of pseudo-plastic fluids. Journal of Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics, 169-170, 42-53.
  • Sheela-Francisca, J., Tso, C.P., and Rilling, D. (2012). Heat transfer with viscous dissipation in Couette-Poiseuille flow under asymmetric wall heat fluxes. Open Journal of Fluid Dynamics, 2, 111-119.
  • Hung, Y.M., and Tio, K.-K. (2012). Thermal analysis of a water-filled micro heat pipe with phase-change interfacial resistance. Journal of Heat Transfer, 134, 112901.
  • Hung, Y.M., and Tio, K.-K. (2012). Thermal analysis of optimally designed inclined micro heat pipes with axial solid wall conduction. International Communications in Heat and Mass Transfer, 39, 1146-1153.
  • Zhao, J., Tso, C.P., and Tseng, K.J. (2012). Nonhomogeneous-nonequilibrium two-phase flow models for nuclear reactor single channel stability analysis. NuclearTechnology, 180, 78-88.
  • Yuan, W., Zhao, J., Tso, C.P., and Ming, T. (2012). Numerical simulation of the thermal hydraulic performance of a plate pin fin heat sink. Journal of Applied Thermal Engineering, 48, 81-88.
  •  Rizan, M.Z.M., Tan, F.L., and Tso, C.P. (2012). An experimental study of n-octadecane melting inside a sphere subjected to constant heat rate at surface.International Communication in Heat and Mass Transfer, 39, 1624-1630.
  • Umar Nirmal, Jamil Hashim, and Low, K. O. (2012). Adhesive wear and frictional performance of bamboo fibres reinforced epoxy composite, Tribology International, 47, 122-133.
  • Mon, T.T., Yap, T.C., Bidin, N., Ishak, M. (2014). On Generation of Micro-Feature on Silicon with an Industrial Laser. Materials Science Forum, 773-774, 669-677.


List of conference papers

  1. Alkaff, S. A., and  Al Towaie, H. A. (2012). Evaluation and Improvement of the Lime Kilns in Khumair, Yemen. Sixth International Conference on Thermal Engineering: Theory and Applications May 29-June 1 2012, Istanbul, Turkey.
  2. Alkaff, S.  A.,  Fadhel, M.  I., and Abdi,  A.  M.  (2013).  Study of harvesting rain water  system  for  Multimedia  University  (MMU).  The International Renewable Energy and Environment Conference (IREEC-2013) July 4-6 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
  3. Sakhr,  M.  S., Fadhel, M.  I.,  and  Alkaff, S.  A. (2013).  Performance  analysis  of  the photovoltaic/thermal  collector  (PV/T)  system  for  different  Malaysian  climatic conditions. The International Conference of Materials Science and Mechanical Engineering. 27-28 October, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
  4. Tan, L.Y., and  Chen, G.M. (2013). Analysis of Entropy Generation for a Power-Law Fluid in a Microchannel. Proceedings of ASME 2013 4th Micro/Nanoscale Heat and Mass Transfer International Conference, Hong Kong.
  5. Ervina Efzan, M.N., Kong, H. J., and Kok, C. K. (2013). Review: Effect of Alloying Element on Al-Si Alloys. 1st International Materials, Industrial, and Manufacturing Engineering Conference, Johor Bahru.
  6. Ervina, M.N, Kong, H. J., and Kok, C. K., (2014) “The properties of Na2CO3 and Ti hybrid modified LM 6 alloy using ladle metallurgy,” International Conference on Fuzzy Computation and Modelling  (ICFCM) (accepted).
  7. Ooi C.C., Kok, C.K., Koh, Y.H., and Chang, W.F. (10-12 December 2012). Effects of Grain Directions on Mechanical Properties of Thick Stainless Steel Sheet for Stamping Application, International Congress on Computational Mechanics and Simulation (ICCMS), ITT Hyderabad.
  8. Liew, K. W., Sim, T. Y., and Teoh, Y. H. (2012). Single Cylinder Four Stroke Engine Improvement: An Analytical and Simulation Approach”, Proceedings of 3rd International Conference on Engineering and ICT (ICEI 2012), Century Mahkota Hotel Melaka, Malaysia, 358-362.
  9. Liew, K. W. and Tan, S. L. (2012). Design and Development of an Automotive Disc Brake Test Rig, Proceedings of 2nd International Conference on Design and Concurrent Engineering (iDECON 2012), Equatorial Hotel Melaka, Malaysia, 29-33.
  10. Mohamed K. Omar and Yasothei Suppiah (2013). Batching and Sequencing of Incompatible Job Families for a Single Machine Problem, The IEEE International Conference of Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management (IEEM), Bangkok, Thailand.
  11. Mohamed K. Omar and Yasothei Suppiah (2012). A Mixed Integer Programming Formulation for Single Batch Processing Machine with Incompatible Job Families, The IEEE International Conference of Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management (IEEM), Hong Kong.