1. Assessment of Free Power Lighting for Highways. Dr. Ervina Efzan Mhd Noor(Leader)
  2.   Effect of Building Materials on the Performance of Water Vortex Power Plant. Dr. Beh Shiao Lin (leader)
  3. Low Temperature Indium based Solder Alloy For Electronic Packaging. Dr.Ervina Efzan Mohd Noor (leader)
  1. Predicting the Elastic Constants of Multi-layer High Density Interconnect Printed Circuit Board From Its Constituent Materials. Dr Kok Chee Kuang (Leader)
  2. Novel dielectrophoretic morphologies and colloidal behaviours for biomedical applications. Dr Aminuddin Kayani (leader)
  3. Modelling and Characterization of Novel Broadband Vibrational Energy Harvesting Mechanism Via Bistable Nonlinear Multi-frequency Approach. Ms. Thong Li Wah (leader)
  4. Effect of kenaf particulate fillers in polymeric composite for tribological applications. Mr. Umar Nirmal (Leader)
  5. Thermal Viscous Dissipative Couette Flow in a Channel Filled with a Porous Medium. Dr. Chen Gooi Mee (leader)
  6. Thermal Management for Microelectronic Packaging Using Micro Heat Pipes of Optimal Working Fluid and Solid Wall Properties. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tio Kek Kiong (leader)
  7. Silicon Surface Characteristics to Interact with Industrial Lasers for Micromachining. Dr. Yap Tze Chuen (leader)
  8. Ladle Metallurgy of Aluminium Silicon Alloy With Hybrid Modifiers. Dr. Kok Chee Kuang (leader)Experimental Analysis of Convection Heat Transfer From Discrete Heat Sources In An Inclined Rectangular Channel. Mr. Lim Boon Kian (leader)
  9. Experimental and Numerical Analysis of Flameless Oxidation for Palm Oil to Reduce Nox Formation. Mr. Ooi Yongson (leader)

1) Fabrication of High Performance Cast Irons for EMI Reduction in Telecommunications Systems. Dr. Kok Chee Kuang (leader)
2) Investigation of Micro-Hydro System for Decentralized Mini Power Generation. Mr. Ooi Yongson (leader)