R&D Roadmap

The main objective of the R&D Roadmap is to conduct research & development and commercializing next generation infra and infostructures, content, core competencies, services and products towards providing seamless multimedia communication access for all, and providing users with state-of-the-art tools to manage knowledge effectively at work and at home, as well as gearing industry towards managing innovations.
The Roadmap is divided into three strategic goals, which are:-

  1. Universal Multimedia Access (UMA) – providing next generation infrastructures for seamless multimedia communication access for all
  2. Multimedia Knowledge Technology (MKT) – developing next generation info-structures to provide users with state-of-the-art tools and services to manage knowledge effectively at work and at home
  3. Meta Innovation Management (MIM) – gearing industry towards managing innovations

Within the Roadmap, four flagship projects that cut across the three strategies have been identified for immediate implementation. These flagship projects not only reflect the main targeted niche areas but also MMU’s current strengths, and they are:

  • i-Habitat – dedicated to design and develop environmentally friendly and smart home customized to the Malaysian unique culture and scenario.
  • myHealth – dedicated towards the development of national health sector e.g. health-care services.
  • My Learning Companion – dedicated towards the development of new learning paradigm facilitated by technology, networks and mobile devices.
  • Malaysian Culture and Heritage Digital Bank – develop the ability to systematically acquire and create elements of Malaysian culture and heritage through visual anthropology and communication spectrum.

The R&D Clusters, led by the respective Deans of Research and coordinated by the R&D Excellence Task Force are given the responsibility to spearhead and accelerate the implementation and execution of the flagship projects. The process of acculturation of R&D and human capital development is currently planned to support the Roadmap.

To ensure the success of the Roadmap, MMU requires extensive collaborative efforts with external parties to explore strategic, symbiosis and synergistic capabilities that mutually benefits MMU and collaborative partners to reach and fulfill delineated goals and strategies. The success of the Roadmap will ultimately fulfill MMU’s desire to strengthen its competitive advantage and contribute to the nation and naturally to its parent company, Telekom Malaysia Berhad.