Registration Guidelines

Why do I need to register?

  • To have a conductive learning environment (no over capacity issue).
  • To instill sense of responsibility (taken capacity = no capacity for others).
  • To optimize peer-tutors allocation (no registered student = class cancellation).

Step 1:

Refer to Time Line ( to view the registration schedule. Take note of the closing date and time.

Step 2:

Refer to Time Slots ( to view subject and slot.

Step 3:

Complete the online Registration Form via:

Note: Ensure that all required information is provided. If you wish to cancel or modify your registration, send an email to or

Step 4:

The Confirmed Student List ( will published by Monday for each week. Attend the class if your name/ID is listed.

Note: Ensure that you attend the class if your registration is successful or action will be taken.  If you wish to cancel your registration, send an email to or

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