Recruitment of Peer Tutors


FET Peer Tutoring Program is introduced with the goal to engage senior students to guide and assist students in their studies, while at the same time, be a source of motivation and support. We are now inviting students with excellent academic performance to contribute as peer tutors!


  • To conduct peer tutoring class for one subject.
  • To help students enhance their academic skills.


  • A recorded A- or higher in the subject to tutor.

Interested students are welcomed to contact:

Dr. Yasothei A/P Suppiah @ Supaya
+606-252 3814


Mr. Tan Chun Fui
+606-252 3805

“If you have knowledge, let others light their candles in it”
– Margaret Fuller (1810-1850, Journalist, Critic and Women’s Rights Activist) -

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