Guideline on Turnitin – Plagiarism Check

FET Admin Office has created a user profile and enrolled students' name in "Turnitin" class to allow them to check the plagiarism. Students are requested to check their password through MMU e-mail address from Turnitin starting from 4 December 2019. The CLASS ID are 23163950 (group no. 1) and 23164055 (group no.2).

Students are requested to key in their name available in this file as first name and key in their student ID no. as last name.

Students are required to submit their FYP report to (at, and submit the generated originality report and the Similarity Index Form to the supervisor for endorsement.

Both of these documents are to be submitted separately with the softcover report by 10 February 2020 (Monday)..

Click here for FYP Sample Originality Report.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

1. How to create Turnitin password?
Ans: Step 1: Check your MMU e-mail account. The password is identical to your MMLS password.
Step 2: Click create password. Key in your MMU e-mail address as your "username", & your student I.D. number as "last name".
Step 3: Check your MMU e-mail account again -> click here -> create password -> login - > answer the secret question -> agree

2. How to print Turnitin report?
Ans: Click here for explanation on the steps. 

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