Final Year Project Portal (Trimester 3, 2018/2019 Session)

LATEST UPDATE (Trimester 3, 2018/2019 Session):
  • 8 April 2019 - New FYP titles are now available!

Important Dates (Trimester 3, 2018/2019 Session):
FYP Part 1
  • Last Day to Propose Own FYP Title - 12 April 2019 (Friday), 12 p.m.
  • Last Day to Submit FYP Title Registration Confirmation Form - 19 April 2019 (Friday), 5 p.m.
  • Presentation Days - 21 & 22 May 2019 (Tuesday, & Wednesday)
  • Submission of FYP Part 1 Report - 23 May 2019 (Thursday), 12 p.m.

FYP Part 2
  • Submission of Softcover Report (2 copies) - 14 May 2019 (Tuesday), 5 p.m.
  • Submission of Similarity Index Form (include Turnitin Originality Report per chapter) - 14 May 2019 (Tuesday) (Tuesday), 5 p.m.
  • Presentation Days - 21 & 22 May 2019 (Tuesday, & Wednesday)
  • Submission of Hardcover Report and Logbook - 31 May 2019 (Friday), 12 p.m.

Announcements (Trimester 3, 2018/2019 Session)

  • Students who will take FYP Part 1 in Trimester 3, 2018/2019 Session may start to view the FYP titles from 4 March 2019 (Monday) onwards.
  • Student may start to meet their potential supervisor from 8 April 2019 (Monday) onwards. Please take note that supervisor will start to assign student from this day onwards.
  • The last day for student to be assigned by supervisor is 19 April 2019 (Friday). Students must submit the generated FYP Title Registration Confirmation Form to Dean's Office by this day.
  • Students must ensure that they have registered in CaMSys for FYP Part 1 (EPT4046, FYP1) before 8 April 2019 (Monday) to ensure their names are in the system at the start of the new trimester. Any registration forms submit within the registration week, but on or after 8 April 2019 may cause delays in their names appearing in the system.
  • Prerequisite for Part 1 is 78 credit hours of core subjects (excluding MPU and University Subjects and Arts and humanities subjects). Kindly fill up manual form (obtained from the Faculty Office) and submit together with an online academic transcript.
  • For those who will proceed for Part 2 in Trimester 3, 2018/2019 Session, they must register section FYP2 for EPT4046 themselves. Prerequisite for Part 2 is EPT4066 Industrial Training and EPT4046 Project Part 1. Students who do not fulfill the prerequisite will be dropped.
  • Students who want to propose own FYP title must approach the potential supervisor and provide the proposed title, together with the objective and description to the supervisor. The last day to propose own FYP title is 12 April 2019 (Friday), before 12 p.m. No more requests will be entertained after the deadline.
  • Section FYP1 students (FYP Part 1) are required to attend 8-hour lecture in Part 1. The first lecture is scheduled on 17 April 2019 (Wednesday), 2 p.m. - 4 p.m. at MSMX2001. Marks will be deducted for each lecture missed.
  • Students are required to meet with their supervisor regularly and write down their activities in a logbook throughout the FYP duration. Failure to do so shall cause marks to be deducted.
  • FYP claim reimbursement must be done within one week after Part 2 presentation (use the FYP Reimbursement Requisition Form). Reimbursement is for consumables such as electronics components and not for travel claim, stationery, photocopy, etc. Any single item above RM 100 needs dean’s approval first (get 3 quotations or official letter if it is sole distributor).

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